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However, his rise to power was not so easy. Zeus is the son of the god Kronos. Kronos is known as devouring dark force, a rigid and power hungry driven character in the myth. He has overthrown his father Uranus, and had eaten all of his children in order not to be overthrown by any of them. However, Kronos had not eaten one of his children, Zeus. When reading about the two planets in the myth, there is a theme of power, authority, leadership and masculinity.

Therefore, we conclude that these planets in astrology mean power, authority and leadership.

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However, the ways these themes are expressed are totally different. Kronos represents a total authoritarian figure and force in astrology to the point in which it could be dictator like. It does whatever it can to keep itself on the top. Whenever planets it touches, Kronos amplifies its power and authority.

Uranus Astrology – Uranus the god

Kronos also endowed the chart with rationality, practicality and calculating nature that is necessary for taking decisive action and also for completing hard work and labor. In the hard times, Kronos cold and calculating nature is important to move on.

Zeus on the other hand is a total different authoritarian energy. Whereas Kronos represents a dictatorship leadership and authority, Zeus indicates the opposite of it a positive, less rigid leadership figure. Zeus means rising to power through facing difficulties and overcoming them. Zeusians are born with tremendous confidence, drive and leadership like tendencies that will be shown through the time of troubles. After all Zeus in order to become the gods of god had to confront the devouring force which is his father.

Therefore, Zeus bestows the chart with confidence, leadership, and determination. But if these qualities are not balanced, it can turn into over confidence, vanity and over bearing authority. Now it is better to examine the implication of these two planets in the chart of presidents and world leaders. The following reading also consists of casting both 12 th harmonic chart and numerology birth chart. The people with Leo Ascendant are born with a confident personality and a strong presence which makes people easily chose them as their leaders.

Mars is also rising at the time of his birth and thus conjunct his Asc.

Uranian astrology

As a result, a direct, aggressive and confronting personality is shown to the outside world. They are front runners and in your face. Ascendant of course represents the energy we channel to our surroundings and our personality. There is also the sense of over confidence and zealous in this aspect. Zeus also conjunct Mars in the birth chart. Whatever planets Zeus touches, a person would be confident in owning the energy of this planet as a result this planet becomes as your crown renders you a king. These individual might exalt in military or martian like careers thus making them military leaders, commanders, colonels…etc.

This is a very fiery aspect. Midheaven deals with the public personality or individual as an achiever and how he achieves his goals or ambitions. Kronos as described before represents a rigid and strict authority figure. A practical and a rational force that is very beneficial in taking difficult decisions and getting hard tasks done. When Kronos conjunct the midheaven, the public personality will be known by all of the things mentioned. In this lifetime, the existential decision person is going to take will always cause a stir and long lasting effects.

This is the aspect of a cruel decision maker and a military leader who has to take tough decisions. With this aspect, there is a tremendous influential power over the mass and the crowd. After all, Kronos and Zeus were the gods of gods. Again Harmonic represents imperceptible causes of certain events in our lives that can be spotted in the birth chart. This indicates again a public personality that is defined as an authoritivate and cruel leadership. Kronos although bestowing the planet with power and authority, it leads the planet to express its lower energies. Like Like. Thanks for the feedback and for the information.

But so far I am attempting to explore the 12th.

Moon in Leo centers around the need to be in tuned with one creative potential and show those creative potential to the world. Moon in Leo finds security in being at the spotlight and being a leader. When Zeus is paired with the Moon, there is a possible lineage in the family of strong powerful people, or possibly the foundation of the person was characterized in being strong. There is a sense of pride, resilence and great emotional restrain , and iron nerves. Zeus Moon are the protector of the homeland and foundation.

Like Liked by 1 person. Thank you so much for sharing this, I appreicate it. It turns out I am a direct descendent of Ghengis Khan. Even more interesting my moon is forming a trine with my sun moon in leo and sun in Aries.


Resources | The Uranian Society

My moon in the 9th and my sun in the 5th. My sun is also parallel Saturn and Pluto in declination. I have issues with both parents Moon square ASC. However, I DO have strong nerves, will power, retraint, and personal magnetism that tends to catapult me into where I need to go, and others will look to me for leadership. For example, I just completed an undergraduate degree and Masters degree online at an accredited University took me three years to improve my life circumstances, negatively instigated by my mother moon.

Thank you for for your input.

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It is very wonderful to have your comment andd your contribution. Any thoughts on success? Path I should take? I would really appreciate what you think. Saggitarius rising indicates a soul that find its fulffilment through the attaintment of vast knowledge. Your ability to deal with the abstract and philopsophy makes you well suited to pursue a field in which abstract thinking is required.

You have a healing power and ability to shine the light on the underdogs bringing the uniquity of the people surrounding because yourself have been wounded for being eccentric and different. You tolerate differences and you make people accept them. What is the MC? It aims to find the part of the ecliptic that corresponds to the highest point in a celestial object's apparent daily traverse of the visible sky, midway between its ascension on the eastern horizon and descension on the western horizon. The MC does not represent the point immediately overhead our local zenith , but the point at which the local meridian intersects with the ecliptic.

It marks the 10th house cusp in most house systems this is reversed in the southern hemisphere. It marks the fourth house cusp in most house systems this is reversed in the southern hemisphere. Whichever planet including the Sun, Moon and TNPs is the highest in the chart which means in closest conjunction to the MC will define the individual. It is so potent that without looking at the rest of the chart, we will immediately know what type of person the native is. A native having Admetos conjunct her MC will be cold and inhibited as negative expression or firm and steadfast as positive expression and needs lot of time to get warmed up with other people.

What are the differences in the interpretations of tropical and sidereal charts when using Uranian Astrology? It is important to pinpoint that both systems are correct on their own. Western astrologers can continue using the vernal-equinox-defined 0 Aries, while sidereal astrologers can continue using the star-based location of 0 Aries. If you notice additional differences in the interpretation of Uranian sidereal vs Uranian tropical charts, please comment! Interpretations of hard aspects and midpoints will be posted soon!

We can research it together and add new things to this text. Whatever house system you use — Placidus, whole house, etc — looking at the keywords of the TNPs, you can now start looking and share your story…. Just combine the keywords whenever you see that a TNP is in hard aspect conjunct, in opposition, square, semi-square etc with another object or point. Similarly, look for midpoints all this will be explained later. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help.

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