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By Peter Watson. By Lisa Stardust. By Jake Register. By Selena Barrientos.

Your Complete Horoscope for September See what's in store for the month ahead. Monthly Horoscopes Aug 15, By Emmalea Russo. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Monthly Horoscopes Aug 1, Your Complete Horoscope for August See what's in store for the month ahead. Monthly Horoscopes Jul 2, By Rebecca Gordon. Monthly Horoscopes Jul 1, By Korin Miller.

Your Complete Horoscope for July See what's in store for the month ahead. Aries rarely holiday alone, and are happiest with loved ones, family and close friends. Sometimes those holiday encounters lead to great friendships. What they love Aries enjoy adding a new skill to their repertoire.

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This can be anything from learning to sing or becoming an expert in the art of making the perfect risotto. What they hate Most Aries are outgoing. But even the shy ones — and there are a few — still like to be fussed over. The ideal romantic break Even the boldest, most argumentative Aries is a romantic softy. They adore being spoiled. Taureans are loved and adored for their warmth, generosity and knack for making almost any event, in any setting, a special occasion. They have superb taste in everything.

They have a natural gift for selecting the perfect present. And, of course, over the years, Taureans learn what they like and in fact, sometimes become creatures of habit, happy only if they can be in familiar settings. What Taurus wants on holiday The most precious thing you can give them?

They like to rise slowly, enjoy a leisurely breakfast, a not-too-pressurised stroll, tour and drive. Many Taureans will return to a setting they encountered when young and value its familiarity, the staff they know and the rhythm of the place. It may be aboard a cruise.

Forget about persuading them to make a change beforehand. Instead, book yourself a few days somewhere new to explore prior to joining them in the usual spot. Bring your reluctant Taurus a gift from there, preferably something unique about the place. Top destinations A refurbished schloss outside charming Munich; a whale-watching cruise; renting a house in Cyprus, complete with cook and swimming pool; or a resort in Hilton Head, South Carolina, US. The best is a group made up of family or long-standing friends to suit their tempo and temperament. What they love Luxury, especially at a bargain price.

Beautifully appointed public rooms and accommodation. Being diplomatically catered to by staff. The ideal romantic break A Taurus will be deeply touched by the intention to create a special time just for them.

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So surprise them, yes — with the offer. Then make organising it something you do together. Restless, inquisitive Geminis thrive on new experiences but dislike being away from friends or, indeed, their lifestyle. Consequently, their ideal would be going with a group of friends who have known each other forever. What Gemini wants on holiday Although for most a vacation is about getting away from routine, at home or in the office, Geminis can never escape what is their greatest asset and, often most troublesome enemy, which is their lively mind.

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For those who travel with Gemini Prepare for constant changes in schedule. You may have joined a carefully planned tour, only to find your Gemini companion has discovered someplace far more interesting than is listed on the itinerary.

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Many Geminis enjoy travelling in a group of those close to them or meeting up with friends from afar, thereby creating their own circle, wherever the destination. What they love The unexpected. The latest sport, style or nightspot and interesting people — especially those whose activities are entirely unfamiliar. Clever Geminis know within minutes which places and individuals are genuinely worth getting to know. The ideal romantic break Tempting as it is to dream of it being just the two of you, your Gemini will get restless, and within a day or two.

But you probably already know that. The setting could vary from an inn deep in the English countryside to a tent on a catered safari in a game reserve in Africa. Being thrown in with those who are unfamiliar creates tension that, at minimum, can spoil the mood. Many are history fans and, equally, enjoy exploring their family background, so journeys that focus on this search are ideal. Similarly, some are interested, if not passionate, about collecting one particular item, the work of one artist or love exploring one particular part of the world.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPES : Latest news, Breaking news headlines | Scoopnest

Journeys built around conferences and workshops with fellow enthusiasts, or perhaps with a tour to a relevant site, are perfect. Of course that passion could be food — a cuisine or a chef and regular visits can turn into series of happy pilgrimages. What Cancer wants on holiday There are two priorities. With their generous nature, Cancerians are genuinely pleased when those around them are content.

The second, and as important objective is experiences that are personally rewarding at the time but which also create lasting memories — ones which, for years, the Cancerian will mention with a fond smile. For those who travel with Cancer Many people travel a very long way, so they can stop, and take a break. Others go to do something, enjoy a sport, explore, and learn. This is especially true if there are things to do that are uplifting for that particular Cancerian.

If not, there could be moodiness or a tendency to withdraw.


Top destinations Cancerians would love a Mediterranean cruise, a trip along the Turkish coast, or a Canal barge break in France or the UK. That need for warm, compatible companions is one of the reasons Cancerians will often travel with family or close friends.